Bee to Bottle

Making mead is about more than just throwing some honey, water, and yeast in a big fermentor. For us, it’s a process that we know intimately -- from the moment a bee sips nectar from a flower to the moment that you open a bottle and take a sip of your own. Find out how we get from bee to bottle below.

Making San Diego mead from bee to bottle.


01 - Quality Forage

We partner with local farmers and ranchers to graze our bees on native California wildflowers and specialty crops. Seasonal variations in blooming cycles, weather patterns, rainfall, and soil type translate directly into distinctly flavored honey -- and, eventually, mead. Learn More.


02 - Beekeeping Practices

We manage our own hives and work with local beekeepers who share our high standards to keep the bees happy, healthy, and thriving. This helps us support not only our critical bee population, but also the livelihood of California farmers and beekeepers. It’s a win-win-win! Learn More.


03 - Exquisite Honey

We use only raw, unpasteurized honey to maximize floral characteristics and maintain the highest honey integrity. The bulk blended honey used by many meaderies can’t compare with the intensely unique and deeply flavorful honeys that we collect. Learn More.


04 - Meadmaking Techniques

We use specialized meadmaking practices to draw out the unparalleled flavor of our local honey and create intense, multi-layered mead with a long, balanced finish.  Learn More.


05 - Sales and Education

We sell what we make to spread the deliciousness, while taking the opportunity to educate our community about the awesomeness of bees and mead.


06 - Hive Expansion

We use mead sales to drive our hive expansion and to help others start up their own micro apiaries, so drinking mead isn’t just fun for you -- it also helps the bees!